Crane Field Golf Association.

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Be a part of weekly golf competition. Don’t miss out on the fun weekly tournaments!


Competition runs from mid March to mid October. Fully handicapped and flighted nine hole weekly tournaments with winnings and fun event formats. In addition to green fees, a weekly game fee may also be required depending on the association. You are under no obligation to play every week. However, the more people who play, the higher the winnings and the more fun it is! Each member is required to sign a waiver and abide by association bylaws.


  – Includes in-House Handicapping, no UGA required

  – Weekly Competitive Events

  – Includes Free Socials and Member

  – Appreciation Events

  – Compete for winnings

  – All abilities divided into divisions

  – In-House Scoring

  – Earn points for year-end cup champion

  – Redeem Winnings at two pro shops

  – Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Register online today. Space is limited. Contact the Clubhouse for additional questions. 801-779-3800

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q. Is online registration required?
A. Yes, we need to get your name and information typed in correctly. 


Q. What color tees will be played?

A. Men’s division play from blue tees and Sr. Men’s division plays white tees.


Q. Can you tell me what day and time we play?
A. Senior men’s division players may reserve their own tee time on Monday or Tuesday of each week. You may choose any time of the day. Ask the front desk what times are least busy.


Q. What are the dues? 
A. All members must pay a yearly membership dues, plus there is a game fee each week. See the Association Tab of this website for more.

Q. Are members required to play every week?

A. You are not obligated to play every week, but your chances of getting winnings and participation awards goes up the more you play.

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