Weekly Golf Associations.

Association weekly leagues

Now accepting new members!

Be a part of weekly golf competition at Crane Field. These are fully handicapped and flighted nine hole weekly tournaments with winnings and fun event formats. (UGA membership not required.) 


New members can join any time of the year. Register online or at the clubhouse. See yearly membership pricing and details below. Crane Field has divisions for Men (blue tees) and Sr. Men (white tees). 


Association Member Benefits.

Membership has it's Privileges...

Competitive Rivalry and Camaraderie.

Who will win this week? Who is leading in points and stats? Competition with other players is fun, but the most challenge you face is the competition with yourself and your course handicap.

Extracurricular Activities.

We like to spice things up and keep things interesting and entertaining. You’ll enjoy Spring and Fall Socials, Wheel of Prizes, Member Appreciation Week, Special Events, Free goodies, and more!

Association Membership Fees.

Men's Membership (Wed/Thurs)

$40 Annual Membership Dues
$7 Games Fee Due Each Week You Play
$14 Game Fee For Monthly 18 Hole Tournaments 

Senior Men's Membership (Mon/Tues)

$40 Annual  Membership Dues
$7 Games Fee Due Each Week You Play
$14 Game Fee For Monthly 18 Hole Tournaments 

Association FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What tees do Association Members play?
A. Men play Blue Tees each weekly event unless modified by a specific game. Sr. Men play White Tees each week unless modified by a specific game. Super Seniors over age 75 may play from whatever tee they choose, including the red tees.

Q. Am I required to play every week?
A. No. Play as few or as many events at you like. The more you play, the more participation points you can earn for year end Cup standings and raffle tickets. 
Q. Are there weekly fees due?
A. Only if you play in the weekly game, you will need to pay the game fee and the optional side bet game fee.

Q. Are separate memberships required if I want to play at both locations? 
A. Yes. You will need to pay membership dues at each location if you want to participate at both locations. (No extra membership fee is required to play a different division at the same course. Such as a Sr. man playing in regular Men’s division and Sr. Men’s division.)
Q. How are Winnings awarded?
A. Winnings are awarded to the top placeholders in each handicap flight as specified by the bylaws. winnings will be credited within 7 days to your individual shop credit account. Winnings are golf shop credits which may be redeemed at Remuda or Crane Field for golf, equipment, and food. Results are posted on our news blog each week. 100% of game fees are paid out each week.
Q. Is there a time limit for using winnings credits? 
A. Yes, we would like you to use up your winnings by the end of the season in October. You can buy things in the shop or submit special orders. We have order forms on this site and we also have them at the clubhouse and available at the closing social. Winnings that are not used by the end of October shall be forfeited.
Q. What are your rules? Do you have bylaws? 
Yes, the president keeps bylaws updated and is responsible for teaching and enforcing them. Each member is required to sign a waiver and abide by association bylaws and the presidents decisions. Copies are available at the clubhouse and upon request by email.
Q. Is there no women’s or couples league at Crane Field?  
A. Not at this time. We don’t currently have a consistent number of players to sustain a women’s and couples association in-house. If you have a group of 10-20 players looking to get the ball rolling, please contact us so we can create a new division.
Q. Does your association have divisions and flights?
A. Yes, Crane Field has a Men’s division and a Sr. Men’s division. Within the weekly results we also divide players by flight as determined by their handicap. One to four flights is typical. These flights helps spread out winnings and deliver fair results week to week for golfers of all abilities.
Q. During the multi-round Club Championship tournament, will I still get points if I bail out after the first round? 
A. Yes, we divide points and winnings between both rounds. We payout full game fees for each round’s flights, in addition to giving the over-all winner bonus winnings.
Q. How long is the season?
A. Play starts in March and each year (weather permitting) and continues weekly throughout the season. Each association has their own various weekly events on assigned days, and typically one monthly 18 hole event on a Saturday. There are various fun events to keep things interesting. Rules are always posted at the front desk for these events. You will always need to turn in a scorecard no matter what the event, signed and attested by another member of the association 
Q. Where are scores posted?
A. Printed scores are posted on the magnet board inside the pro shop at each course clubhouse. We are using USGA GolfGenius to calculate and post official scores. Archives of previous scores and player stats are also viewable online. The fastest way to view them digitally is to download our phone app and follow the “Weekly Associations” Link. You can also visit our  websites and, see Association Page>Player Hub>Results Portal Button. Links are also on posted on our Group Facebook page. 
Q. How does the referral fee program work?
A. If a current or new member refers an all-new member, they receive a referral fee in the form of a gift card. New member be a first time member to our association, meaning they have not played in any previous seasons.
Q. Do I need to pay green fees in addition to game fees for association events? 

A. Yes, In addition to weekly game fess, green fees are also be required to play on the course. Most members buy discounted punch passes when they know they will play 20 or more events.

Q. Do I need a UGA (Utah Golf Association) Membership or active USGA Handicap index to play?
A. No, we keep track of in-house handicaps so you don’t need to be a UGA member. If you are new we can use your current handicap index a a benchmark to start from. Otherwise you will have to turn in a couple rounds of golf first to establish a handicap.
Q. How do points work? 
A. You will accumulate points throughout the season for playing in Association sponsored events. Automatic participation points are awarded to all who play each week, more points depending where you place and how many association events you play in. Some bonus events require players to have a minimum amount of points to play. (Meaning you have to use some points to buy in, and you can’t join the Association just in time to enter the tournament.) Points are also used to buy raffle tickets and prizes at the end of the season. 
Q. Do I have to play in the 18 Hole Saturday Events?
A. No, just like the weekly events, they are optional. The more of them you play in, the more participation points you can earn for year end Cup standings and raffle tickets.
Q. What days and times do Association Members play?
A. Men may plan anytime Wednesdays or Thursdays. Senior men may play anytime Mondays or Tuesdays. (On rare occasion there may be a holiday or rain day that causes us to extend play one day. Also monthly 18 hole tournaments may be played anytime on Saturdays.

Q. If I miss a social event or member appreciation giveaway, can I get reimbursed? 
A. Unfortunately, due to the nature of most of these things, they are “use it or lose it” bonuses for members. We realize it is impossible for everyone’s schedule to attend each and every event, but we try to do several events to make up for this. 

Q. Do I need to have a team member? 
A. No because most events are individually scored. We do occasionally have scrambles where two members from the association team up. We can help you find a partner if you don’t have one. A lot of members do sign up with friends so they can golf together. You must play your weekly games with at least on other registered member. Your scorecard must be attested by another member of the association to count. 


Q. Is there no junior league at Crane Field? 

A. Not at this time. There is no weekly competitive league similar to the men’s. However, we do host a summer learning academy for juniors that includes weekly classes and a closing tournament.
Q. Can you give me more details about establishing an in house Handicap?
A. Members with UGA handicaps may use their index to immediately establish a house handicap, but you do not have to be a UGA membership to play. If you do not have a UGA membership you simply need to play two 18 hole rounds (or two nine hole scores on each side) to establish an in-house index. Not difficult at all, and we do all the work entering your scores each week to keep your handicap accurate. Once established, your handicap is used for Low Net events and for determining flight divisions.
Q. Is there a schedule of events available?
A. Yes, the presidents sets up a schedule of events and posts it at the clubhouse, online, and makes copies for members to take home. So it’s important to read the calendar carefully. Link to Event Calendar