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Axxion Development LLC


Axxion Development LLC was founded in 1999 as a Utah Limited liability company. The company is headquartered in Weber County, Utah. 


The company was created to support the development of residential neighborhoods and recreation space. The company rapidly took on the responsibility of golf course management in addition to real estate developing. 


Over the years the company has expanded into all areas of the golf course operation, including design, maintenance, marketing, retail sales, and employee training.


Current and past clients include: Remuda Subdivision, Remuda Golf Course, Crane Field Subdivision, Crane Field Golf Course, The James A. and Marian Aland Foundation. 


Contact Us

Office Mailing Address: 2600 W 3500 N; Ogden Utah

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Development has come to mean more to the company than simply Real Estate Development. It has come to mean landscape improvement, employee training and character development, and the ongoing creativity to improve system processes and customer experiences. It has come to mean “identifying important problems and fostering the creative environment to solving them.”


Axxion Development was an early pioneer in web design video marketing online. But has expanding now into social media, conventional platforms, and critical spaces such as customer service, reputation, and staffing. The methods fostered by the company have lead to a strong customer list and an avid following for client organizations.


“Green and Clean” is the core value for all organizations we manage. Axxion Development llc manages maintenance of beautiful clubhouses, support building and recreation spaces in the form of parks and golf courses. The company understands the need for strong maintenance systems and well trained staff and has built it’s team accordingly. 


The company has spent years creating retail shops and client products and services. Over the years many opportunities have been cultivated to increase company revenues through re-selling of name brands and in-house products. The company believes in consistent and professional care of clients and customers, core values that have served clients and employees well, and will continue to do so into the future. chloe loves to please.