Crane Field Black & Orange Tournament.

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

This is a modified foursome scramble with a twist! Your team will compete against the rest of the field – and each other! Choose two players to wear black, and two players to wear orange. The game is afoot…

Public welcome. All abilities welcome. 

Online Pre-registration is required. Space is limited to first come first serve. 

Contact the Clubhouse for additional questions. 801-779-3800

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q. What color tees will be played?

A. Men will play white tees, and women will play from Red Tees


Q. Can you explain what a Modified Scramble is?
A. It means you select the best team drive, and then play your own ball from there to the hole. Four scores are kept. All players tee off and the best drive is selected. Everyone on the team plays their own ball from the drive location selected. 


Q. How does the black and orange team competition work? 
A. Two teammates wearing black versus the other two teammates wearing orange. Since all four players are being scored, at the end of 18 holes each twosome can be averaged together to determine a winner. This two on two competition is separate from the overall division winners. 


Q. Do the teams have to wear black and orange? 
A. YES! Part of the fun is getting into the Halloween spirit!


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