Adult Beginner Crash Course at Crane Field

  • Beginner Crash Course is a four day lesson series.
    Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs.  6 PM – 7 PM
  • This is a Co-ed program subsidized by the golf course for beginners only. Your cost is only $79! That includes four one-hour classes of instruction, and practice range bucket each night. Other bonuses including instructional media and “Prescription for Golf Greatness” Report included. Perfect for adult men and women looking to get into golf for recreation or business purposes. 
  • Courses offered these weeks: 
  •    •  April 26-29 [Full]
  •    •  May 10-13 [Full]
  •    •  May 24-27
  •    •  June 14-17

Camp Highlights:

  • Action-packed beginner course include hands-on instruction lead by certified teaching professionals. Curriculum focuses on developing golf skills (full swing, short game, rules and etiquette) while keeping the experience fun and engaging. A fun, safe and educational environment designed with a beginner’s advancement in mind.


  • Registration
    Register for as many courses as you like. Space is limited to first come, first serve. Online registration required. Tuition must be paid prior to the start of your first class.



Q. Is this just for beginners, what about intermediate and avid golfers?

A. This class is just for beginners.  This program is for 36 handicap women, and/or women who don’t know what handicap means.  


Q. How do I get my range bucket?
A. Let the front desk know your name, and what class you are a part of. You can get a bucket of range balls at the start of class, or wait for the instructor to give you directions.


Q. Does it include golf green fees cart rental?
A. It does not include golf green fees or cart rental. They are sold separately. Most class work will be at the driving range and practice green.


Q. Do I need my own clubs?

A. Yes they do need clubs. At minimum you will need a putter, 7 iron, wedge, 5 wood.  If you need some loaners for the class, let us know ahead of time.


Q. What if I miss one of the classes or game nights? Will there be any makeups?

A. Due to the discounted nature of this program, there will not be any make-up days. However, you will be given support materials that will be useful even after the classes have finished.


Q. What shoes should I wear? 
A. We recommend athletic, closed-toe shoes.