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Are you a beginner? 

Are you thinking of learning golf? 

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Your Path to Golf Greatness.

We have set up great programs to help women, juniors, and men take up the lifelong sport of golf. Get started today on the path to golf greatness!

1. Request the PDF Checklist

This is a guide to get you stepping in the right direction. Enter your email to download and read it.

2. Take a Lesson

Such as Club 99 for women, Junior Academy for Juniors, Adult Co-Ed Crash course, and Jr. Spring and Fall Wednesday classes.

3. Follow the Plan

Your instructor will prescribe the best course of action based on your ability. Stick with a plan and practice routine to watch your skills grow!

Shave some strokes off your scorecard!

Adult Discount Lessons.

If you are looking to take a series of lessons to really improve your game, punch cards are the way to go. Each punch can be redeemed for 30 minute lesson and bucket of range balls. Instructors are assigned, based on availability. Use at either location.

The Ultimate Beginners Golf Club

Club 99 for beginner Women.

Are you a beginner wanting to learn golf? Join our women’s club for only $99. Club 99 includes four group lessons and unlimited golf anytime after 3:00 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays for three months.

Your junior may be the next Pro Golfer!

Summer Junior Academy.

Juniors age 7 to 17 receive weekly instruction, including golf rules, etiquette, skill development, short game, full swing, and other game essentials.  Plus games, fitness, contests for prizes, and end of season competitions. Each Tuesday session includes education on the driving range, putting green and on-course for older kids.

Educational and engaging experience

Adult Co-Ed Crash Course.

Small group lessons for beginner and intermediate adult golfers. Each course is a four day lesson series which includes hands-on instruction and practice range buckets. Other bonuses including instructional media and “Prescription for Golf Greatness” Report. Perfect for men and women looking to get into golf for recreation or business purposes. 

Deliberate and Proven Teaching Methods

Our Teaching Philosophy.

Even the pros need coaches!  Our independent instructors are experienced and dedicated teachers. They are also great players with contagious enthusiasm for the game. Indulge yourself in some quality lessons to increase your skills and enjoyment of the game. Isn’t it time you invested in “You”?

Focused Practice

Following a coaching plan. Regimented practice on all aspects of the game. Muscle memory development. Visual and technology feedback.

Swing Skills

Grip, Stance, Posture, Swing Mechanics, Visualization, Pre-shot routine, Driving, Iron play, Wedge Play, Specialty shots, and Putting.

Mental Game

Visualization, Pre-shot routine, deliberate focus, preparing for and staying dialed in during competitive events.

Golf Fitness

Core Strength, Flexibility, Muscle Memory, Golf Exercises Specific to Golf, Customized Exercise and Therapy for Injury Recovery.