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Tee Time Reservation Policies

Booking Tee Times:
All guests at Remuda Golf Course are required to adhere to the following rules and policies when booking reservations:

  2. Online Booking Requirement
    • Reservations must be made online through our designated platform. (ForeUp).
  4. Charges for Missed or Inaccurate Reservations
    • Guests will be held responsible for charges resulting from missed reservations and inaccuracies such as over booking or under booking.
  6. No-Show Penalties
    • No-shows will incur a green fee charge for missed tee times. Charges may be applied within 1 to 30 days of the missed tee time.
    • No-show golfers may be blocked from future reservations.
    • Online appeals must be submitted to management within 30 days through our online form.
    • Appeals stating “I did not know about the policy…” and similar, shall not be accepted.
  8. Booking Process
    • To reserve tee times, guests must create an online profile and provide a current credit card.
    • The credit card will only be charged in the event of no-shows in the group. You will not be pre-charged.
    • No-show charges are considered a fee, and shall not be refunded.
  10. Cancellation Policy
    • Online cancellations are allowed up to 2 hours in advance.
    • A confirmation email will be sent upon successful booking or cancellation.
    • Call-ins or emails within the two hour cancellation window will not be accepted.
  12. Confirmation Email
    • Tee times are not confirmed without a confirmation email. 
    • Appeals for no-show fees or other penalties will not be honored without a confirmation number from the reservation confirmation email. 


Additional Reservation Policies:


  1. Course Starter Authority
    • Front or back nine start will be assigned at check-in.
    • The course starter reserves the right to modify or cancel tee times and cart rentals based on weather, course conditions, and daily pace of play. (Including online reservations.)
  3. Group Pairing
    • Groups of two or three players may be paired with other groups to fill the foursome.
    • Only two carts per foursome are allowed.
    • No fivesomes shall be allowed.
    • Association members must always book on the Front 9. Their final start position will be assigned by the course starter.
  5. Spectators
    • No non-golfing ride-alongs shall be allowed on the course.
    • Children under age 6 are not permitted on the course.
    • Children under age 12 shall be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Accuracy Requirement
    • Guests must be accurate in their online selections to avoid charges for no-shows in their group.
  9. Check-In Time
    • Check-in must occur at least 15 minutes before the tee-off time, or the reservation may be forfeited.
  11. Solo Golfer Reservations
    • Solo golfers must call in for same-day tee times.
    • Solo golfers may not book additional players online to circumvent the policies. This will result in a no-show charge.
    • Solo golfers shall be paired with other groups to complete a full foursome. 
  13. Morning Tee Times
    • Morning tee times are subject to frost delays.
  15. Daylight Limitations
    • 18-hole rounds are subject to available daylight hours.
  17. Late Tee Times
    • Tee times unclaimed at least 15 minutes before the confirmation time may be given away to standby guests.
    • Later comers are not guaranteed another tee time after missing their confirmed time, and will be put on the standby list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tee time by phone? 

Going forward we are now requiring online bookings.  Visit and look for the “tee time” link – or I can text you a direct link. It will ask you to register and enter a credit card.


What if I’m not comfortable with submitting a credit card. What if my people don’t show up?

It is up to you to put down the exact number of players who are going to play. The system will not charge when you make the tee time. But it will charge you automatically if you don’t show up, or if less people show up than you booked. You can also cancel 2 hours or more before at no charge. 


I am computer illiterate. What if I can’t figure out how to do it online?

We can help set up your reservation profile with you if you visit the clubhouse. Or, we would recommend asking a friend to book for you so you can get tee times moving forward. 


What if I want to try my chances with the same-day standby list instead of reserving a time online? 

You might not be able to get a tee time if you rely on standby. The course has been getting busier each year as the population increases. Also, you will still need to have a reservation profile set up, and an active credit card on file. 


Do I need an online reservation if I am an association member? 

Yes, if you are a punch pass holder or an association member you are required to book online tee times. Please book the front nine only since you have changing events each week. 


What is the benefit of doing online tee times?

 If you’ve ever called in to get a tee time and there was nothing available, you can appreciate the efforts to maximize the availability of space for everyone who wants to play. It’s not fair to you if a group takes the last tee time and then doesn’t show up. That is a waste, and you or someone else could have used it! The computer system has eliminated 99% of no-shows.


What about juniors?

Juniors are required to book online just as adults do if they want reservations. They are allowed to use their parents account profile if it is authorized by the paren or guardian. If they have Youth on Course or punch cards, they can present it at checkin. Pre-pay is not required.


What if I don’t want to be liable for no-shows in my whole party?

The system will allow two two-somes to book at the same time, with separate names. You just have to make sure and do it quickly before someone else books there before you. Think of it like a movie theater seat, and make sure to choose the same time and date. chloe loves to please.