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"The more you refer, the more you earn!"

Association Member Referral Program

Current or previous Association members can earn $25 gift card for new members you refer! When a First Time Member joins the Association based on your referral, you will receive the full $25 credit into your winnings account. You can use it for golf, food, or merchandise at either of our clubhouse locations. The more you refer, the more you earn!

(Referred player must pay the full membership fee prior to the $25 referral fee being paid out. Please, allow 7 business days to process.)

Let your friends and other members know about this great program! Referral forms available at the clubhouse front desk or through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I refer new members, even though they may have played at Remuda or Crane Field in a previous season?
A. This is for First Time association members of either Remuda or Crane Field association. It’s ok if they have played here before, but they do not qualify for the referral fee if they have ever been a Remuda or Crane Field association member before.

Q. What if a new member was a member of Remuda previously, but not Crane Field, or vice versa?
A. Unfortunately, no, this is only for First Time Member of either of our franchises.

Q. What if a new member is a current or previous member of a different club at a different golf course?
A. That is fine, as long as they have not been a member at Remuda or Crane Field association before.

Q. What if they have are currently a member at at different golf courses association or league?
A. That is ok, as long as they qualify as a First Time member of our associations. They can be in multiple clubs and still qualify for the referral fee.

Q. What can I use the referral fee gift card for?
A. Anything in our clubhouse pro shops, including golf, food, beverage, and merchandise. Gift cards may be redeemed at either location. They have a 2 year expiration date. chloe loves to please.