Course Strategy Guide

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Crane Field  Hole – 1 – 
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 436 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 10th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 3,100 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Slight dogleg left with dangerous wetland obstacles to the hard right. Minor undulations across an oversized fairway. Smallish target green finishes off the hole. 
Hole #1 Pro Tip: Longer hitters should take a more aggressive line down the left to setup a short iron approach. If you are coming into the green with a mid to long iron aim for the middle of the green to setup a chance for birdie.

Crane Field  Hole – 2 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 398 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 7th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 3,780 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: High, elevated tees pass by a rock fence line on the left. Slight dogleg right with mounding traveling along the right side of the fairway.
Hole #2 Pro Tip: Avoid the bunker down the right side with your tee shot to setup an approach with a wedge or mid iron. If a breeze is up from the south take one extra club on your approach.     

Crane Field  Hole – 3 –
Par:  3  (Three)
Yardage: 156 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 12th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,790 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Blue and black tees must hit over a blind rise. Oversized green makes it hard to miss from the forward tees. Boundary fence on the left. Next tee complex to your south-west across the street. Please look both ways.
Hole #3 Pro Tip: Take dead aim here to setup a great birdie chance. If there is a cross breeze take more club and swing easy keep the ball on line.

Crane Field  Hole – 4 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 390 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 4th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 6,460 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: This is the western-most hole on the course. Fairway is a slight dogleg left. Tee off past a large pond on the left. Smaller pond guards the right front of the green. Steep bank to a slow stream guards the left side of the green.
Hole #4 Pro Tip: The smart play for a long hitter is to hit a long or mid iron off the tee to avoid the pond on the right. For the average length hitter a 3 wood or hybrid is the right play.

Crane Field  Hole – 5 –
Par:  3  (Three)
Yardage: 213 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 16th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 5,320 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: A very wide par 3. The green is guarded by a large pond on the left and a dramatic slope to the left. This is the southern-most hole on the course. From here it is over a mile and a half journey to hole 13 green in a direct route. (The entire 18 hole course is nearly a 5-mile walk.)
Hole #5 Pro Tip: Hitting this green is a challenge for all players. Try to land the ball on top of the mound in front of the green to get it close.

Crane Field  Hole – 6 –
Par:  5  (Five)
Yardage: 513 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 3rd in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 6,640 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Longest par 5 on the course. Slight dogleg left fairway with mounding traveling the length of the right side. Otherwise a very wide fairway. Green is guarded by large frontside left bunker and a detention basin even farther to the right of the green.
Hole #6 Pro Tip: With Out of bounds left, and bunkers on the right a great tee shot will setup a chance to get home in two. Avoid the bunker on the  front right of the green it is challenge to get up and down from there.

Crane Field  Hole – 7 –
Par:  5  (Five)
Yardage: 442 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 6th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 3,590 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Back to back par 5! Elevated black tee must hit over wetland channel. Channel travels much of the left side of the fairway. Very straight shot. Some mounding on the right. Lots of movement on the face of this green. 
Hole #7 Pro Tip: Take advantage of this short par 5 with a good tee shot. This small green demands a precise approach shot to setup a great chance at eagle.

Crane Field  Hole – 8 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 403 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 9th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,780 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Dogleg right past wetland channel. Fairway passes through slight ravine making it an uphill path to the green. Detention basin on left and wetlands on right may come into play.
Hole #8 Pro Tip: Avoid going right off the tee at all costs. You should have a mid to short iron approach into this green which will test your accuracy.

Crane Field  Hole – 9 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 360 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 1st in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 3,150 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Fairway has a severe dogleg right. Shortcut guarded by an extremely wet wetland and a white sand bunker. The elevated green is more extreme movement than most others.
Hole #9 Pro Tip: This is the ultimate risk/reward hole. Longer hitters should go for this green to setup an eagle or easy birdie. Shorter hitters should  lay up to their ideal wedge distance for the best chance to get it close.

Crane Field  Hole – 10 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 405 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 11th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,000 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Fairway is a slight dogleg left over a shallow swell. Trees and mounding on the right side of fairway come into play dramatically for slicers. Range net travels the distance of the left hand side. A very wide fairway. 
Hole #10 Pro Tip: From the tee you must avoid the bunker on the right and out of bounds on the left. A good drive will setup a short iron approach to a small and undulating green.

Crane Field  Hole – 11 –
Par:  3  (Three)
Yardage: 165 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 17th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 2,960 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Seemingly straightforward par three can be punishing if you drift right or left. The green is guarded aggressively on the right by a white sand bunker and a deep wetland. Left side is crowded by a fence line and dramatic fall off from the green face.
Hole #11 Pro Tip: Aim for the center of the green on this tough par 3. You must avoid short right and the massive bunker guarding the green. Long and left is a bad option as well.

Crane Field  Hole – 12 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 351 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 5th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 3,640 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Hitters from the black tees must target shoot over a vast wetland with flowing stream. There is more room to work for the other tees. Wetland travels the left side of this dogleg fairway. Stream partially obstructs run up to an elevated green.
Hole #12 Pro Tip: This is our signature hole and is a great risk/reward hole if you are a long hitter. The smart play is to lay up to the 100-125 yard mark for a short iron approach. Be careful with your approach shot missing long will leave you with a very difficult up and down.  

Crane Field  Hole – 13 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 322 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 13th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,250 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Fairway is a slight dogleg left past a small native area on the right and the boundary fence on the left. Oversized fairway is contrasted by a smallish green tucked back in a corner. The green is aggressively guarded by a forward white sand bunker and back left side sand bunker.
Hole #13 Pro Tip: Here is another great risk/reward hole for the long hitters. But you better be careful with a tough bunker guarding this green and out of bounds left.

Crane Field  Hole – 14 –
Par:  5  (Five)
Yardage: 421 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 15th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,200 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: An up hill drive on an oversized and straight fairway. Green is surrounded by water on three sides. Left green side bunker is another thing to fear on this hole.
Hole #14 Pro Tip: This is a great par 5 where eagle is on the table but so is double bogey. Long hitters can fly the bunkers on both sides of the fairway. Shorter hitters need to be very precise to thread the needle between them.  A smart play is to lay up to the 80 yard mark for a nice controlled wedge shot.

Crane Field  Hole – 15 –
Par:  4 (Four)
Yardage: 388 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 14th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 5,200 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Back tees must fly a large native wetland area to land in the fairway. This fairway has a slight dogleg right with trees lining each side of the fairway. The green is guarded in stereo by white sand bunkers on the left and right.
Hole #15 Pro Tip: Take advantage of this short par 4 with a solid tee shot. Avoid the bunkers around the green on your approach shot to set up a great birdie chance. 

Crane Field  Hole – 16 –
Par:  5  (Five)
Yardage: 405 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 2nd in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,190 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Dogleg left fairway. Right side (150 yards out) is protected by large native wetland on the left. Must fly over a slow brook to reach the green. Ideal hole for a birdie but not good if you like to roll it up on the green. Bridge over brook for foot traffic only.
Hole #16 Pro Tip: Long hitters have to be careful teeing off on this par 5. The fairway is guarded by wetlands on the left and right side waiting to grab an errant tee shot. If you layback off the tee you must be wary of the creek guarding the front of the green. If a long hitter finds the fairway start thinking eagle as you will have a mid iron approach shot.    

Crane Field  Hole – 17 –
Par:  3  (Three)
Yardage: 126 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 16th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,800 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Shortest Par 3 on the course. Back tees must fly the pond to the green past a white sand bunker. Oversized white sand bunker comes into play on all left side shots. Green is also surrounded on three sides by water. 
Hole #17 Pro Tip: This is a very challenging par 3…Do all you can to leave yourself an uphill putt on this green. The smart play is aiming to the middle of the green or front right.

Crane Field  Hole – 18 –
Par:  4  (Four)
Yardage: 406 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 8th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 4,500 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: This fairway has a severe dogleg right. Your drive must skirt the pond and maintenance building on left. Short cutters will be severely punished with large mounds, rough cut grass, forest of trees, and a deep green side bunker. Another white sand bunker guards the left side of the green. 
Hole #18 Pro Tip: Way a great way to end the round with a tough par 4. Off the tee you need to resist the urge to cut the corner and challenge the trees on the right. Play smart and hit it down the middle to setup a mid iron approach shot. Avoiding the deep bunker guarding the green on the left is a must if you want to make par. Aim for the center of the green and try to roll in a birdie putt to end the round on a high note.

“The Nineteenth Hole” Clubhouse
Rank: 1st in customer satisfaction!
Distinguishing Clubhouse: With a classic exterior design, double entry pillars and pleasing brick exterior. A vaulted ceiling and indoor copper motif welcome you like a warm embrace. Ample parking, clean restrooms, stocked golf shop, heat and air conditioning, and refreshments galore.

        All guests should register at the clubhouse before golfing or practicing at the range. Inside you will find the golf shop and snack bar to prepare you for your round of golf. Afterwards come back and tally your score while enjoying the company of your friends in the comfortable lounge.
         The clubhouse banquet room is available for Tournaments, weddings, parties, and other reception events. See our Events Page for more information. 

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